"After we decided it was time to leave our cherished Castor Bay home and get out of Auckland to pursue the goal of building our dream home on our own piece of lifestyle paradise. We spent some time looking at what was  available and much to our disappointment we saw many lifestyle blocks that  just didn’t get us excited.
Until we saw Sarona Park online, it looked and sounded  fantastic!  But what was it really like? So we decided to take a look and  were instantly smitten with the privacy, mature trees and level sites tucked  away off the road, just beautiful and just what we wanted! As an added bonus  it offered nature trails through native bush, bird life, waterfalls and  swimming holes all in an exclusive gated community. This was far better than  anything we had imagined and a truly innovative concept in New Zealand, it suited our needs down to the ground. 
Although it turned out to be a long process for us to get sold and organised we were blown away with the very patient, positive and most  helpful attitude of Warren and Robyn who we are thrilled to call our new  neighbours and friends. Sarona Park is one of the best life decisions we’ve made.
Wrapped to soon be calling it home."  
 Shannon and Steve

"We had been looking for a suitable lifestyle block for several years and had begun to give up hope of finding something that would tick all our boxes.  Every time we saw something promising advertised we'd go for a look and find someone who was just trying to make a few dollars by cutting off the scrapiest part of their farm and selling it as a lifestyle section.  Then we stumbled upon Sarona Park.  We took a drive to view the land and we were immediately impressed with the beautiful views from the available sites.  We took some photos and went home to consider things for a few days.  The more time we spent thinking about it the more we wanted the land.  We settled on a block of 3 hectares with stunning views of the Mount..... There's a beautiful swimming hole in walking distance and it's the perfect place to be.  We couldn't be happier with our purchase.  It really does "tick all the boxes".  Moya and Ashley Burton-Brown

"We have lived next door to Robyn and Warren for 8 years and quietly held reservations about their plans to subdivide their beautiful farm.  We were worried that our existing paradise may be eroded by the development next door.  How wrong we were.  Robyn and Warren have gone above and beyond in every detail of their venture to ensure that the love they have for the land will live on in Sarona Park.  This is truly an estate above all others because it is being developed by people with more than moneymaking at heart.  These people are the salt of the earth and that shows in cutting no corners to ensure future residents will love the land and surroundings as much as they do.  Sarona Park is an absolute credit to Robyn and Warren. Come and see for yourself, you'll not be disappointed."  Mark and Fenella Wilson

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